Our Story

Nectar Botanicals is a small Australian family owned and operated business, located in
Brisbane, Australia.

Our story began in the winter of 2015 when my desire to personally create a
handmade range of luxurious, all natural, organic, gentle, nourishing, highly
effective, soothing and environmentally friendly bath and body products was
launched at a local handmade market in Ipswich, Queensland. What inspired me to
start my little business were my boys and my love for creating meaningful and
good-for-you products.

I’m incredibly blessed to have four boys. My two youngest boys were prone to
respiratory issues and regularly spent time in hospital. The worst occasion
being when my youngest was nine months old and ended up in the intensive care
unit at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. This was also around the same time I had found a small hard lump in my left breast. I stayed bedside with Isaac for two
absolutely agonising days not knowing what corner he would next take. Two days
passed and the corner he took was the one I had been praying for. On the fourth
day, and as I was preparing for us to leave the hospital, the reviewing doctors
all agreed that my son was incredibly strong and that had played a huge factor
in his recovery and survival. They also told me that he would most certainly be
back and probably the following winter. The idea of that terrified me and I
left the hospital that day with the intention to do whatever I could to
make sure he never ended up in intensive care ever again. It was July 2012,
the ultrasound I had on the lump in my breast showed that it wasn't harmful and
my alternate health journey had just begun.

I became increasingly aware of what went into the majority of personal care and home
cleaning products that were the market, the toxic load they carried with them
and the negative impact they have not only on our health but the health of our
environment. It was really important to me to know that what my four boys and I
were putting onto our skin and into our bodies wasn’t harmful and left as
minimal footprint on our beautiful planet as possible. I also did a lot of
research into ways of improving my boys’ immune systems through alternate
therapies as well as topping them up with supplements and nutritious foods.
While both my boys did have a few more episodes of respiratory illness and did
spend more time in hospital, my youngest never ended up as ill as when he was
nine months old and never ended up back in intensive care like the doctors told
me he would.

Fast forward a few years…Our clean beauty range of products continues to reflect
everything that is important to me. Each product is created with intention and
integrity with the aim of providing a positive experience for the user. Equally
important is sourcing the very best eco friendly and sustainable ingredients for use in our formulas, from other Australian owned and operated small businesses, to create a product that
is highly effective as well as being beautiful to use.

At Nectar Botanicals we believe in making clean beauty luxe. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story and supporting our small

Annette, Sam, Will, Oliver and Isaac x